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Why Rent A Car In Curacao?

Curacao is a beautiful island. White sand beaches, turquoise waters, historical center, delicious food, and friendly locals. One might say we have it all, but there is one area we are slightly lacking in: reliable public transportation. 

Unlike the other countries our public transportation is not very optimal. Beaches, restaurants and shops are all at a distance meaning you need some form of transportation to get around. The nearest bus stop might be miles away, and even though our sunny clear skies are great for a day at the beach, they are less great for an hour waiting for a bus, which might not even have enough space to comfortably accommodate an entire family.

Renting a car with us is your best bet to assure you can get around quickly, efficiently and affordably. 

Delivery & Pick up on location, Unlimited Mileage, Valid driver license, We can provide airport drop-off , No credit card needed, Long term rent/lease 

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