Velamo Car Rental Curacao

Schottegatweg west 123
Palu Blanku

The rental car of Curacao and Velamo Car Rental makes it possible to visit the island's most special places. Highly recommended is Christoffel Park. This National Park has a wide variety of flora and fauna. There lives a unique animal and plant species such as wild orchids, the palabrua (a kind of owl) and the white-tailed deer. You can park your car at the edge of the park to explore the park as on foot. Another special location you can visit the caves of Hato thanks to the car of Curacao. A guide takes you through the complex system of caves and on the way you will pass underground lakes, cave paintings, and maybe you will discover even a few bats. Traditionally, the caves were inhabited by the Indians Ararwak. But the Hato Caves also play an important role in the colonial history of Curacao. This was the place where runaway slaves hid. Some stay in the caves could take months. The guide will tell you all about it.


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